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U2 360

21 Feb

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So there are going to be a lot of blog posts about U2 going down today. And there are going to be a lot of haters telling those that went to get over it and talk about something new… old hat and all that… but… haters gonna hate!

And WE DON’T CARE! Because it rocked.

About half the office was lucky enough to attend the concert, and witness first SA classic Springbok Nude Girls ripping it up, and then Bono, The Edge and co, taking entertainment to a whole new level.

From the technology, to the crowd to the gees, it was just electric. One of us was even lucky enough to score a free last minute ticket courtesy of a fellow blogger / tweeter – proof that good karma and good social media do come back, ten-fold. Or rather, U2-fold!

We were so excited that we forgot our cameras at home, but check out the pics that we managed to capture with our phones amidst all the madness.