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Anatoli hearts Green Point

29 Mar

We caught up with Tayfun Aras, owner of Green Point’s famous Turkish spot, Anatoli, and found out a little more about the authentic ambience and cuisine that he brings to our area.

1. What’s Anatoli all about?

Good Turkish food and service. Anatoli is about creating an authentic Turkish experience in the heart of Green Point.

2. What does Anatoli love about Green Point?

We love that Green Point is so mixed and multi-cultural. We also love the spirit and friendliness of Green Point. About 60% of our business is locals and regulars and we make a huge effort to nurture these relationships. Anatoli also attracts a lot of regular foreigners, who make bookings every time they return to South Africa.

3. What does Anatoli bring to Green Point?

Anatoli is a piece of Turkey in Green Point. We strive to create an original and all round Turkish experience, from the traditional dishes to bellydancing, music and décor; a trip to Turkey without the airfare! When we took over Anatoli 8 years ago, most of the original Turkish décor had been gradually phased out. We reinstated the original Turkish atmosphere with kelims, copper, tiles and other authentic Turkish elements. An example of some of our traditional Turkish cuisine is our mezze tray, which features 22 individual items to choose from. One of our most popular dishes is our deboned lamb ribs, which the regulars love.

4. Three favourite neighbourhood spots?

Ecco Caffe, Mano’s (for their baby chicken) and La Petite Tarte (for their famous chicken pie).

5. Any interesting stories we need to hear about Anatoli and Green Point?

There is a real camaraderie amongst the businesses and locals in Green Point. I have, for instance, been friends with Len and Johan of La Petite Tarte for many years, and we both go out of our way to treat each other at our respective restaurants. It’s these small personal touches that create the distinctive vibe that is unique to Green Point.

6. We Heart Green Point because:

It puts food on my table.