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I want to ride my bicycle

16 Mar

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In cities all over the world, more and more people are taking to the streets on their bicycles. Businessmen, lunching ladies and commuters alike are doing their bit for the environment and embracing the Cycle Chic phenomenon that started in Copenhagen in 2006.

This year’s Design Indaba also highlighted the practical reasons for biking rather than driving – it’s healthier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly. And companies like Biomega and Puma are making it look good, too. The tipping point, says Biomega founder Jens Martin Skibsted, will be when people choose to buy bicycles rather than automobiles. South Africa may well be a way off from this kind of a riding revolution, but it’s cool to see Capetonians whizzing down Buitengracht and popping up at festivals, markets and malls. Bike-loving fiends like the guys at Fixed Gear Cape Town are spurring on the revolution, along with help from initiatives like Critical Mass, a collective ride that takes place on the last Friday of every month in over 300 cities all over the world.

These covers by UK design boutique I Love Dust for The Ride Journal are a beautiful depiction of different aspects of the biking experience. The Ride Journal is a digest of stories from different bike riders all over the globe.