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Origin loves Green Point

28 Mar

The first Green Point hotspot to share their love for Green Point with us is one of our personal favourites – Origin Roasting.

A Green Point institution, Origin is a place where regulars and newcomers alike get their daily coffee or tea fix, kick back, meet with other Origin fans and soak up the glorious bustle that makes Origin the landmark that it is.

Check out Origin’s reasons to love Green Point:

1. What’s Origin all about?

We call ourselves “the artisan roasters of Africa” because we emphasize a hands-on mastery of all the aspects of coffee crafting – from the careful selection of our green beans, to the precise roasting, blending, grinding and pouring of the coffee. By giving credence to the artisans of this world, we hark back to a pre-industrial, pre-mass-produced era when artisans took immense pride in their vocations, and superb quality was taken as a given.

For decades, European coffee roasters have been buying African beans, roasting them abroad, and selling them back to us with fancy foreign names and great packaging (usually months later). They have done wonders for popularizing contemporary coffee culture, and perfecting espresso technology. But as Wikipedia will tell you, coffee originated in Africa more than 1000 years ago. This is where the seed was first discovered, cultivated and enjoyed. And this is where we prefer to do our roasting.

From day one, our focus has been on developing a hub of coffee excellence that would service the whole of Africa – the continent that still provides some of the finest coffee beans known to man.

Spanning two streets and reaching three levels up, Our headquarters in Cape Town’s De Waterkant village holds an artisan roastery, a professional barista school, a specialist tea room (Nigiro), a courtyard and a café on two levels. You can choose from one of our +- 10 single Origin coffees on offer at any given time while you walk upstairs to watch our barista’s train, observe our head roasters in action or walk into our tea house to sample a few fantastic leaves.

After being roasted to perfection, our coffees are available for tasting at Origin HQ, as well as at over 100 other venues and special events countrywide. We are very proud of our wholesale clients that include the finest restaurants, cafes, hotels, guest houses, and other establishments. And to pour all of this coffee, our barista school has trained over 600 of the finest baristas on the continent.

2. What does Origin love about Green Point?

Perfectly situated between the CBD and the Atlantic Seaboard, Greenpoint is the ideal mix of work and play. It has the edgy, pacy feel of the city. But this is suitably balanced by the trendy, up-market and leisure options of a chic shopping and residential zone with great period architecture… All in a fun, safe, progressive and cosmopolitan community atmosphere – much like Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. Greenpoint extends its arms and welcomes whoever from wherever to explore it.  To live it.  It’s in this diversity that it unites and flourishes. Origin lives-out that philosophy completely.

3. What does Origin bring to Green Point?

Origin brings the world’s best coffees and teas to Greenpoint and the skills and experience required to prepare and serve them in the best way possible.

Origin brings passion… Passion for food, passion for drink, passion for people and passion for Cape Town.

We create experiences – We change Greenpoint by doing things our way – We roast locally – We connect people – We break down barriers – We amplify the energy of people within the mother city – We are original – We are a haven for hedonism – We are the little voice that says, “Work can wait… I need coffee.”

4. Origin’s top 3 neighbourhood spots?

Giovanni’s, the courtyard at Cape Quarter and Sloppy Sams.

5. Any interesting stories we need to hear about Origin and Green Point?

Origin Coffee Roasting may only have come to Cape Town in 2006, but our building was here long before us, and has passed through some quite significant hands before we became its proud stewards.

This face brick beauty was built in 1901 by Otto Heinrich Ludwig Landsberg; a snuff merchant, artist and musician. It originally functioned as a tobacco warehouse.

Perhaps the reason Landsburg was able to do so much in his life was that he lived to 102 years of age (!) and was also possibly the last South African to have seen Napoleon en route for Russia in 1812. He left a legacy in Cape Town, and we feel privileged to be intertwined in the story of this city’s heritage.

Our CEO Joel Singer’s passion for traveling the globe led him to the shores of Cape Town roughly 12 years ago. In 2005, Joel decided to start his own specialty coffee company but struggled endlessly with finding a space that represented his dream that would become Origin. After 12 months of searching, Joel found the Hudson building. Another 6 months of negotiations ensued until Joel claimed the space is so fervently desired.

To Joel, This area is the only real “urban” space around that reminds him of growing up in Montreal which he describes not as a city but rather a neighborhood. “Origin is here because Green Point is Green Point.”

Another fascinating fact is that the landlord of the Hudson building purchased the lot almost 36 years ago when this area was considered insignificant with no true possibility of development. 36 years later and we are in the heart of the Cape Town scene reaping the benefits of his vision.

6. Origin hearts Green Point because:

It’s a world in a suburb!