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Artjamming hearts Green Point

13 Apr

Artjamming have pretty much coined the term “paintertainment” and have a very good idea of what fun is all about! We went to see for ourselves what Artjamming have been up to and chatted to Leora Israel to discover how paint and colour can brighten up just about anyone…

What’s Artjamming all about?

Whether it’s spraying, sponging, splashing, or painting, Artjamming is about Paintertainment! Artjamming is a studio environment containing everything you need to fill a canvas with colour and imagination.

What does Artjamming love about Green Point?

Green Point is made up of all the best things Cape Town has to offer. From the people, to the architecture, to the atmosphere. It’s a palette full of creativity & inspiration, and our studio in The Cape Quarter is right at the heart of it.

What does Artjamming bring to Green Point?

Artjamming brings a kaleidoscope of colour to Green Point. Our studio is a place where people can explore their creativity, meet friends, entertain clients, or pop in whenever the creative urge arises. We are open 7 days a week and no pre-booking is required (unless it’s a party).

Three favourite neighbourhood spots?

The Cape Quarter; Manos; and Giovannis.

Any interesting stories we need to hear about Artjamming and Green Point?

Almost everday we discover hidden talents at Artjamming. Our clients, of all ages, walk in and tell us “they don’t know how to paint” and, after almost every session, they walk out an artist. We love to hear the words “I didn’t know I could do that”!

We Heart Green Point because…

How can you not?