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HP Print Station hearts Green Point

08 Apr

1. What’s HP Print Station all about?

High quality, on-demand digital prints in the heart of Green Point. Friendly, expert service from a print team that knows their stuff and goes the extra mile to deliver great service with a great attitude.

2. What does HP Print Station love about Green Point?

We are Foundry residents and we love being in the centre of Green Point – the vibe is contagious. From the Beluga lunch rush, to Table Thirteen cappuccinos on the run, to the excitement when the fanwalk heats up, it’s our kinda place. It’s also our home, the centre of our business operations, and a place where we make sure to have a lot of fun.

3. What does HP Print Station bring to Green Point?

Excellent print services and a whole lot of expertise. Our Print Station manager, Pete, is a friendly face that you can always rely to do his best when it comes to your prints. Peter’s know-how and extra effort mean that we have lots of regular customers in and around The Foundry, some who have grown to be friends.

The Print Station has a great, welcoming atmosphere, and we often have Vega students hanging out while they wait for their prints and having a chat. Our Print Station is also backed by a full-service design agency that assist with things like print layouts, design glitches and general advice. We this as a great value-add.

We’ve also just launched a loyalty card programme for our repeat customers – pop by and get your Print Your Heart Out card asap!

4. Three favourite neighbourhood spots?

Table Thirteen is our almost daily go-to-spot for the best cappuccinos, chocolate brownies, pastries and takeaway sandwiches. Their owner, Lara, is awesome, and her staff are always friendly and on it. We also love Anatoli for an authentic Turkish experience and amazing food and decor. We’re also huge fans of Daniela’s Deliciously Decadent macaroons.

5. Any interesting stories we need to hear about HP Print Station and Green Point?

Our agency, Colourworks, has been at The Foundry for about 5 years now, and we have had our fair share of courtyard parties and friendly neighbourly waves.

We make the most of our central position by getting involved in all of the Green Point goings on – the U2 concert and the fanwalk during the World Cup were serious highlights! We had a World Cup party during the Bafana/Mexico game, complete with all the local-is-lekker trimmings – boerie rolls, vuvuzelas, Castles and lots of gees.