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Palladium Hair hearts Green Point

05 Apr

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What’s Palladium all about?

Palladium is all about a sophisticated experience, a comfortable and social atmosphere and progressive, top quality hairdressing. We see hairdressing as an art form.

What does Palladium love about Green Point?

Green Point is based in the heart of Cape Town with a very diverse community.  It has a unique quality about it and that, along with its diverse culture, makes for a completely different experience and most certainly an interesting one too.

Its Euro-African feel attracts many foreigners for leisurely or business related visits and even the locals wish for a taste of the mix of authenticity and ‘progressive Africa.’

Green Point is a community of home owners and businesses. You can live and work!  It provides convenience and comfort! The needs of all are catered to ranging from relaxed activities and entertainment to business and work related activities.

In the last 5 years it has progressed and pulled itself out of a less favourable image and has become of the most sought after areas in CT.

What does Palladium bring to Green Point?

Palladium brings a fresh approach that injects edge into any haircut. We bring progressive, seamless cuts and dynamic colours to Green Point. We cater to new age, fashion forward clients and our approach to cutting and styling is progressive and multidimensional. Green Point is metropolitan, trendy and professional and continues to grow and we are thrilled to be a part of it!

Three favourite neighbourhood spots?

Beluga, Cape Quarter and Pigalle

Any interesting stories we need to hear about Palladium and Green Point?

One of the beauties of Green Point is the mix of opposites which caters for almost anyone and everyone!  The modern and the vintage; the lavish and the simple; the young and the mature; the active and the quiet… and everything in between.

We Heart Green Point because:

Of our beautiful stadium – including the fanwalk and the amazing energy it creates! We also love our lovely view of Table Mountain and of course, the Cape Quarter :)