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Max Moyo tells it like it is

02 Jun

Colourworks Knowledge Sharing sessions are fast becoming a valuable part of our attempt to keep learning and pushing ourselves at Colourworks. Every quarter we open up our studio to an expert in their field and invite our clients to join us for an evening of learning, listening and networking.

So far, we have heard from marketing guru, Martin Neethling, on how to get our businesses ready for the Consumer Protection Act; from Quirk founder, Rob Stokes, on ways to keep brands fresh in the digital age, and most recently, from Max Moyo, Head of Emerging Markets Development at Allan Gray. Well-known for his engaging, informal address style, his excellent sense of humour and his ability to leave audiences reassessing their attitudes towards life, Max enlightened us on the relationship between money and identity.

Have you ever considered that it is your personal issues that are keeping you from being wealthy? That a negative attitude and insecurities might be the root cause of your financial woes? It may sound like a bunch of new age, tree-hugging hooey, but Max had us all reevaluating our lives, jobs, health and bank balances. If you find that you are constantly seeking a new position or a new possession, then it may just be time for you to attend one of Max’s talks. ‘Who you are determines what you do with your money,’ he said, as we all started to realise that the man was really onto something.

Max’s philosophy is that each and every person on the planet is different from the next. When you die, your particular species, in a sense will be extinct. For that reason, we each have a very different and very specific destiny to fulfil. For many of us, it may be a particular job. Max maintains that the thing you are destined to do is directly related to an innate talent you were born with. the trick is to find that thing, love it and be content. Because if you love what you do, and you do it well, success will always follow.

Seems pretty simple, huh? And yet most of us are guilty of the position/possession dilemma. Ask yourself: Am I constantly looking for happiness and growth in a new position or another possession? It may just be that your identity is more entangled with your identity than you thought.

Besides delivering life changing addresses, Max is also interested in using African principles to drive investment models. We may just need to get him in for a sequel…