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How to Generate Leads using Twitter

22 Jul

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1. Create a dedicated Twitter landing page. One of the most valuable parts of your Twitter profile is the link in your company’s profile. Instead of simply pasting in the URL of your homepage, take the time to create a new page on your website specifically targeted toward visitors from Twitter. This Twitter landing page could be a variety of things. It could be an introduction to your company, an offer for a piece of lead generation content, or other relevant content. The important thing to remember is that some aspect of this Twitter landing page should support lead generation.

2. Tweet links to landing pages. While most of your Twitter followers probably aren’t ready yet for a demonstration of your product, they are likely ready for some of your thought leadership lead generation content. Tweet links to landing pages with lead generation forms for offers that support the general education for your followers.

3. Monitor industry terms with Twitter Search. Twitter Search is a free and powerful tool for understanding what’s happening on Twitter. However, you don’t want to use it just to search for mentions of your company name. Instead, search for common industry phrases and questions to help identify prospects. Once you find people who could be solid prospects for your business, start a dialogue with them, and share content from your blog to help answer their questions.

4. Participate in Twitter chats. Twitter has helped form an abundance of micro-communities that have self-organized around certain topics. They normally discuss industry issues in the form of a Twitter chat. These chats are organized discussions that happen at a set day and time each week. They use a specific hashtag to tag and aggregate the conversation. This public Google doc is a great resource for determining if your industry has a Twitter chat.

5. Connect your blog to Twitter. We have found that businesses who blog actually have more Twitter followers than businesses that don’t. This is likely due to the fact that blogging provides businesses with more interesting content to share on Twitter. Since every business should have lead generation calls-to-action on their blog, connecting your blog to your corporate Twitter account using a tool like HubSpot or Twitterfeed can be a great way to drive more leads from Twitter.

This useful info is an extract from a Hubspot Blog by Pamela Seiple – Thanks Pamela, you rock! Check out the original article at Hubspot

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