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Meet Project Kaleidoscope

01 Jul

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Shanduka Black Umbrellas and Colourworks, under Project Kaleidoscope, have teamed up to help some worthy recipients really make their brands stand out from the crowd.

Today smart branding is one of the cornerstones of any successful organization. Nobody appreciates this philosophy better than the bunch of brand ambassadors here at Colourworks, that’s exactly why we launched Project Kaleidoscope.

Every month Shanduka Black Umbrellas identifies and refers a notable entrepreneur to Colourworks. Colourworks then meets the candidate and in an exploratory session uncovers the key tenets of their business offering, brand DNA and what their strategy is for the road ahead. From this we collaboratively develop a unique look and feel for the brand that is then revised and tweaked with the candidate.

Having received a new image for his up-and-coming company Songezo Ntinge, owner of UNIC Brands, was one of the most recent entrepreneurs to benefit from Project Kaleidoscope. Songezo says, ‘Colourworks helped get to the core of what UNIC Brands was about; they really deliver on what they promise and it was a pleasure to work with them…Colourworks understands what’s important to me as well as my company.’

‘For us it’s all about generating real change,’ says Lesley Waterkeyn, owner of Colourworks, ‘it’s important that people who deserve a chance to do well are offered those opportunities, after all the well-being of South African business relies on our ability to work together for collective success.”

Although Kaleidscope is a relatively new idea, it’s one we are intent on carrying forward to many more worthy recipients like Songezo and the other business owners we have helped to date.

Kaleidscope is not just about brightening brands but also the lives and the ideals they represent. Switched-on entrepreneurs certainly can look forward to reaping the benefits of an emerging economy and we’re glad we can assist them with capitalising on the wealth of opportunities we know South Africa’s future holds.