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Colourworks and African Tails on Women’s Day

12 Aug

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This Women’s Day Colourworks representatives teamed up with African Tails to make a real difference to 40 families in dire circumstances.

The Skandaal Camp is a group of 40 families sandwiched between power lines and a rubbish dump in the Vissershok area. Upon a visit a few weeks back by African Tails (an NGO aimed at sterlising and helping animals in disadvantaged areas) volunteers were shocked to discover abject poverty and malnourished children.

Although not by nature a charity aimed at assisting people, African Tails felt compelled to act.

With some tenacity and presenting the situation to a number of organisations, including Colourworks and one of our clients Fruitways, they managed to raise a significant amount of food and volunteers to take to the camp on Women’s Day.

For over 2 hours we managed to distribute bread, fruit, jam, beans, milk, pap, biscuits, sweets, toys and a little bit of hope to some exceptionally needy individuals. Young children, pregnant women and the elderly were the ones to benefit the most from the parcels. The amount of joy we witnessed among the recipients was very powerful at making those of us present reevaluate what we place importance upon.

Finally, Colourworks would like to send  a message to all of the women who gave up their day of recognition to help those less fortunate themselves …you form the basis of why Women’s Day exists in the first place – it’s through actions such as yours that communities and countries are transformed.