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Madiba Day

01 Aug

One of South Africa’s greatest inspirations was 93 in August and Colourworks together with the SAP wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to rock Green Point in true Mandela Style.

We found many people who were in dire need and managed to affect their lives for the better – even if for only a short time.

Armed with bags packed with blankets, beanies and an assortment of food, the Colourworks team swept from Green Point to Long Street distributing parcels to street kids and the homeless.

Our land has rich opportunities, but it also battles with dire poverty and it is the responsibility of every citizen, who is in a position to do so, to help those who are less fortunate. Madiba believed in this ideal and so should all South Africans who want to create a South Africa with promise for future generations.

It was this philosophy that was at the heart of our Madiba Day initiative and makes up the core of our other social responsibility undertakings, such as Project Kaleidoscope (see our 10th of June 2011 blog entry for more info on Project Kaleidoscope).

Often people feel that their contribution is not significant enough to be worthwhile. But to those living in abject poverty even the smallest of donations by you – whether it be time, food or much needed resources – can make a massive difference in alleviating suffering.

All in all, it was a privilege for us to be involved in making a difference on Madiba’s birthday.  Every one of those 93 candles on his cake offer a light into a future that he helped to rewrite for the good of all South Africans.

We love you Madiba!