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Introducing #DigitalLove: be our Valentine and be a Winner with Pigalle and Colourworks

09 Feb

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Love makes the world go round! In celebration of Valentine’s Day Colourworks has decided to offer you a chance to win a fantastic prize compliments of one of Cape Town’s most exclusive restaurants, Pigalle.

Read some of the charming (and not so charming) Colourworks staff quotes on what the team thinks love is all about and then send us your own. By sharing your definition of what love is on Twitter under #DigitalLove or on our Facebook page you stand a chance to win an amazing romantic dinner for two at Pigalle. *

Love is:

‘You don’t define love, it defines you.’ Sam H

‘Love is accepting the fact that his clothes are going to remain in a pile on the floor.’ Sarah

‘Seeing my cellulite and not running away.’ Yolandi

‘Love is like an Aero – sweet and filled with gas.’ Pete

‘Love is playing your favorite PS game for 5 days.’ Donovan

‘Love is like a toasted cheese. The initial outlay is cheap but it ruins your heart in the end.’ Ed

‘Love is a dangerous game.’ Mandy

‘Love backwards is Evol’ Nicky

‘I don’t believe in love. I have no soul.’ Joe

So there you have it! A bizarre and thought-provoking hodge-podge of slightly deluded insights into the nature of love. We would love to hear your thoughts on what love is. Tweet us or post on our Facebook page, or comment on this blog post. The winner will be announced on the 15th of February 2012.

*Subject to a reservation and availability. Terms and conditions apply. Prize does not include drinks/alcohol.