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10 Tactics that Smart Brands Use on Social Media

16 Apr

Below we have compiled 10 important tactics that you should be thinking about if your organisation is new to social media, or simply looking to up performance.

(1)  Don’t hide, or delete comments from critics. This creates more damage than the criticism itself. Negative feedback should be viewed as an opportunity to turn critics around and improve the way you run your business.

(2) Social media should be a combination of branded content (more sales orientated) and general conversation starters (purely interest related). Too much of a hard sell will drive away your target audience.

(3) Don’t just stick to the big social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. You may find that there are better opportunities for your organisation on niche sites. Do research and find out what’s out there.

(4) Tweet at least 5-8 times a day (context dependant) and Facebook once a day. Once every 2 weeks is not enough!

(5) Drive traffic from your website to your social media sites and vice-a-versa. Create a circular experience. Make sure your website has social media plug-ins like Google+, Facebook and Twitter buttons. (See below this article for examples).

(6) Be tactical. For example if you host events…take pictures of your guests and tell them to go find them on your Facebook page. More traffic = more ‘Likes’. You can also incentivise prospects and existing followers through regular competitions.

(7) Follow and ‘Like’ influential and interesting people. They will give you ideas for your own social media and inspire the way you approach things.

(8) Thank people when they give you valuable feedback, or when they follow you.

(9) People don’t like to read loads of text. Use videos to convey complex messages and optimise your videos for search.

(10) Don’t give up. Social media takes time to generate results – it’s not an overnight affair. If you follow the above and commit to continuing to develop your understanding as the digital realm develops you’re set for success!