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Less is More

11 Jul

In the world of marketing the concept of “less is more”, is gaining in popularity. With economic factors such as the prolonged global recession, brands are opting for low cost creative strategies in order to gain exposure. Also, the technological environment and its rapid changing trends are forcing marketers to seek more intelligent means to gain brand awareness.

Being able to convey the correct message through guerilla or viral marketing can be just as effective, if not more, than forking out millions for a traditional sponsorship or television campaign.

But what exactly is guerilla or viral marketing, sounds a bit cynical doesn’t it?

Guerrilla marketing is a low cost strategy that uses unconventional and unique means to create hype around a brand. The idea is to create a buzz which then goes viral. A great example of this in Cape Town is the Emirates billboard in Kloof Street. They have created a vertical garden by growing grass into the shape of the world. Unconventional, yes, but thinking laterally like this has created a talking point for their brand. A buzz factor.

Viral Marketing is similar to guerilla marketing except it uses various social media platforms to create the brand awareness. The idea is to engage the consumer through interactive means. This year, Nike has distinguished themselves as a brand from their major competitor, Adidas, through a clever viral marketing campaign. Dubbed, #Makeitcount.

With the London Olympics only a few steps away, Nike is outrunning Adidas with this viral campaign. On Twitter they are currently being mentioned 3 times more than Adidas. What has been noted is that there are fewer key words being associated with Nike than Adidas. Their latest YouTube video, at time of this publication, reached 6,612,150 views. Whilst on Facebook Nike is “Liked” by 9,586,325 users compared to Adidas which is “Liked” by 8,384.157 users. Surely these figures alone demonstrate the effectiveness of incorporating an intelligent viral campaign into ones marketing strategy.

Click on the following link to watch #Makeitcount viral video that has been viewed by millions.

So, the question to be asked is this, “Are traditional means of marketing slowly being eradicated by “New Age” methods?” Judging by the above, the “Digital Age” is numerically proving its worth time after time.