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It’s Getting Personal

24 Oct

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We speak to the founder and owner of Colourworks – Lesley Waterkeyn

1. When did you establish Colourworks?
2. What inspired you to establish CW?
I wanted to have the freedom to “design” my own life and having my own business has allowed me to do this.
3. My first job was…
A personnel consultant.
4. What I can’t do without…
My family.
5. My favourite past-time is…
Running. I am in the process of preparing for the New York Marathon.
6. A successful brand is…
A brand that is instantly recognisable and has a heartfelt message. People still think with their hearts when it comes to brands and branding.
7. My best read…
‘Rich man, poor man’
8. My favourite childhood memory…
Family holidays at Sani Pass
9. My guilty indulgence…
Freshly baked hot bread with butter and salt.
10. Next holiday destination…
Seychelles with my family