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Event Success with One Simple Rule

08 Mar

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When hosting event’s, there are so many variables to control and manage. From our experience, honouring the Rule of Five is a simple yet highly effective event planning tool to use.

Now, you might be wondering… What is the Rule of Five? Simply put, it’s making the first and the last five minutes the most important time of your event. Although your event might last for hours, these combined 10 minutes are crucial for the success of your function. Like the first time you introduced your overly confident boyfriend to your dad, first impressions really do count.  With events, so does the last one.


Remember that as guests arrive, having clear directional signage is crucial. There’s nothing more daunting or stressful than not knowing if you’re in the right place. Keep in mind that most people arriving will be feeling a little apprehensive as to what to expect. Ensure  that they feel at home and comfortable as quickly as possible. Having trained hosts or hostesses  to provide guests with a warm welcome and a friendly smile, set the tone for the rest of the event. Oh, and a little champagne as a welcome drink never hurt anyone either.

Elegant hostesses welcoming guests for Total Mining Solutions


If possible, give people something they can take home with them to remember your event by. Something branded but something practical and classy. Whether or not you do this, make sure your event doesn’t just fizzle out, but ends with a bang.

We provided BlackBerry's guests with their very own star's as a gift. Each guest was given a certificate which told them which star now belonged to them. These were packaged in tubes designed with BlackBerry branding and detailed with the theme of the event, "Light the Night"

If you honour the Rule of Five when managing your event, you will be astounded how the rest of your function will flow together to create pure awesomeness. For more event tips, stay tuned to our blog as we will soon be launching “Event Intelligence”, a downloadable eBook full of priceless tricks of the trade.