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Why New Technology Should Be at the Top of Your Guest list!

11 Jun

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If you’re in the event management industry, we have very good news for you: according to independent research firm, Aberdeen Group, big corporates are set to increase their events spend by 20% over the next two years. So how do you ensure you put on a memorable world-class event?



Social Media

Now, obviously this isn’t the only factor to consider, but forgetting this powerful medium would be a huge mistake.

To get people to an event, you need to talk to them where today’s conversations happen – online. Think Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Find which social media channels your customers are using and meet them there.  Post updates on Twitter. Invite feedback on Facebook. Fill your Pinterest board with interesting articles. Show the event build up via pictures on Instagram.

Bottom line? If you speak your customers’ language, they’ll speak back. And when they do, you’ll find out what they like and can adjust things as you go to make sure the event is everything they were hoping for.

Event Technology Trends for 2013

So you have Social Media covered. Here are some more tech trends that you should keep your eye on.

1. The Automation Generation

Save time, money and energy putting on events by using up-to-date automation software. You’ll be able to send relevant, time-released emails to specific groups of people, create and test landing pages across different campaigns and prioritise your digital ‘to-do’ list based on content engagement. Use procurement and strategic meeting management tools to do this.

2. The Smart Option

Smartphones users are increasing by the day. The more iPhones, Blackberrys and Samsungs that land in people’s pockets, the greater the demand for mobile tools and apps. Incorporate these into your event and you can offer virtual meetings, video podcasts and customised event apps.

3. Analyse This

Sophisticated measurement tools have made gathering in-depth customer information easier than ever. And when you gather accurate information about your event’s target market, you can make your event more relevant. Relevant events are successful events.

4. That’s What They Say

If there’s one thing that’s consistent in event production, it’s change. Let people rate, rank and vote on event features via social media and be the first to know if your target audience’s opinion shifts. If it does, altering your event to up the appeal can happen pronto.