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Mixing Traditional and Digital Marketing for Greater Exposure

05 Aug

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Marketers today are aiming to extend their brand’s influence by gaining more digital mindshare. In an attempt to drive up more likes, followers, comments, pins, re-tweets and reviews, many have overlooked the power of traditional marketing.

Integrating traditional marketing with digital marketing allows the two channels to synergistically support each other’s objectives. The result – augmented online exposure, engagement and discoverability.



Nando’s and Bodyform are two brands that have successfully combined these two marketing channels for maximum reach.

Nando’s frequently release tongue-in-cheek TV ads that elicit some serious giggles from its viewers. Recently, Nando’s decided to poke some fun at the Old Spice man from the iconic Old Spice campaign. They devised a clever play on words ,“What’s on your plate? Now what’s on mine? Now look back at your plate,” mimicking the famous line from the Old Spice campaign, “Look at your man. Now look at me. Now look at your man.” The aim of the ad was to give viewers a glimpse into the magic world of Nando’s flame-grilled chicken by imitating and tweaking some of the familiar payoff lines from the Old Spice campaign. The subtle jeering was demonstrated through the similarities in both ads, e.g. The character in the Nando’s ad also ends up on a horse – albeit a small rocking horse.

How Did Nando’s Extend Themselves Into The Digital Realm?

After Nando’s released the ad, Old Spice was quick to muster a response on their Facebook page by posting an image of Isiah Mustafa (the Old Spice Man), on top of a TV set showing the Nando’s ad with the slogan, “I’m on a TV ad” in the Nando’s font. The image also contains links to both ads, with the comment, “Look at the Nando’s Original TV ad, now back to mine…”

In a later post, Old Spice updated a Photoshopped pic of Isiah Mustafa in a chicken suit, with a bottle of Old Spice shaving cream in his hand and the comment, “Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery…but nothing beats the Original™ – playing on the fact that Nando’s has started referring to themselves as Nando’s Original.

This is a classic example of how Nando’s pulled off another spoof ad with flair and earned themselves some visibility and attention on social media. To view the ad, click here.

Bodyform is another brand that has embraced the digital challenge. Their witty response in the form of a spoof YouTube video to a Facebook rant became a viral hit. It all started when Richard Neill posted a comment on Bodyform’s Facebook page expressing his anger about how Bodyform misconstrued facts about a woman’s period by releasing ads that depicted women enjoying  extreme sports. In his post, Richard shared how in reality, his girlfriend doesn’t look anything like the women in the adverts and there is no joyous adventure during this time. Instead, she transforms from a gentle, loving creature into the girl from the exorcist – a hard pill to swallow which makes Bodyform seem responsible for his naïve outlook.

In response, Bodyform saw this as a digital marketing opportunity and produced an entertaining video that relayed a humorous apology with an explanation from a freshly created CEO figure – Caroline Williams. She jokingly explains that there’s no such thing as a happy period and Bodyfrom was just trying to protect men from the harsh truth about women’s bodies. The carefully crafted response to the Facebook post is intentionally playful  and cleverly addressed a slightly taboo subject. The result? Bodyform’s YouTube video received 4,354,415 views and counting, Richard’s post received 102,996 likes on Facebook and 4,762 comments.

It’s commendable and inspirational to see how marketers can turn such hiccups into viral publicity stunts – something that was impossible before the evolution of the digital world.

To watch Bodyform’s video, click here.