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Users Generate Twice As Many Page Views When Logged In To Sites Through Social Network Accounts

12 Aug

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Gigya provides insight into some of their data as it pertains to user behavior on sites with various types of log in schemes. Specifically, in this case the difference in behavior between users on sites that have social network-based logins vs those that have proprietary logins.  Guess which login scheme results in the most user interaction?

Yep, you guessed it. When users login with their social network accounts, they’re likely to generate twice the page views and spend 50% more time on the site. This seems pretty obvious to me.  I was initially reluctant to use my Facebook account as my user ID on other sites, but once I gave in, I found it to be much much nicer.  One account to rule them all.  I’m pretty sure most other users are making a similar discovery.  My particular joy comes when commenting.  I have a single identity and can receive notification of responses through a platform I regularly use.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out the Gigya’s blog post on social logins (along with this fantastic info graphic to help sell it into your clients).  Tech Crunch reported on the post as well.

Users are more likely to interact with sites when logging in through their social media account.







Article courtesy of Wildcreative