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Streamlining the Event & Conference Planning Process

14 Apr

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Focusing on strong strategy and flawless experiences, Colourworks specialises in creating and delivering extraordinary internal and client facing events for Blue Chips and Corporate Companies. In order to achieve this, we ensure that the steps involved, leading up to, during and after the event are carefully thought through and managed. We do this using not only our expertise but our excellent and sought after online eventing system.

From venue sourcing, travel management and email campaigns, to integrated social media, event websites and mobile apps, Colourworks ensures that every point of contact is covered.

Whilst we pride ourselves in offering unique event concepts, we also ensure that we align the experience and the client’s expectations. A part of this is thanks to EventIntelligence: our internal event offering used to streamline planning and provide sufficient post-event feedback.

EventIntelligence is made up of 4 crucial parts:

1.       EventCheck

Remaining within the job spec is of the utmost importance. EventCheck is an online briefing form that allows us to ensure that we remain within the scope of work and deliver an aligned solution to the client.

2.       EventWorks

This online tool is used to send invitations to the data base and then seamlessly manage the potentially painful RSVP process for our clients.

The invitations are emailed to guests. Upon response, the invitees are then directed to a landing page which may be customised to remain in-line with our client’s brand, or event theme.

Should guests decline the invite, a customised message is created to either invite them to another event, or suggest an alternative action.

Guests who accept the invite, are directed to a landing page that quickly and conveniently captures important data:

  • Contact details
  • Dietary requirements
  • Product-related questions  
  • Event specific information

If our clients have events that fall on different dates, EventWorks very easily allows invitees to choose the event that best suits them.

Once the guest has submitted their details, they are taken to a confirmation page and sent a confirmation email.

Clients are given login details to EventWorks so that they can keep up-to-date with details of those attending and not attending.

3.       EventID

Once all RSVP’s have been received, a master list is created. From this list, Colourworks is able to pre-print designed name badges that reflect the brand and/ or event.

Upon arrival at the event, the attendee’s name is marked off on the master RSVP list and their details are then passed through the printer and onto the name badge. These badges take 2.3 seconds to print, ensuring that guests are not left waiting.

At large events, we ensure that numerous stations are set up so as to avoid queues.

4.       EventInsights

Collecting guest feedback is a vital part of any event. Not only does it give our clients insight into the success of the event, it also allows clients to gather information that might be useful to the brand moving forward.

Clients may run a survey, asking a number of customised questions. There are an unlimited amount of surveys allowed per event, ensuring that clients gather a selection of data. All clients may access the survey results using their EventWorks’ login details.

A full report including all RSVP’s and a list of attendees, as well as all survey results, is sent to the client once the event is complete. Included in this, is a list of event success points. All surveys completed by attendees are attached to the report.

Through providing strategic events and brand experiences, Colourworks maintains complete confidence in our in-house technology platforms. Having worked with a selection of South Africa’s largest corporate brands, both our experience and portfolio speak for themselves.