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Whether courting new investors, wooing potential clients, or raising funds for a local charity, nothing gets results like an elegant evening of cocktails and good company. A well-organised business cocktail party gives your guests the chance to mingle with like-minded individuals and talk business, all whilst enjoying an afternoon or evening of delicious drinks and food.

Pull off a memorable business cocktail event with these tips: 

Begin with the end in mind:

Ask yourself: What is the objective of the event and how are you ensuring that this is followed through from décor, venue, food, service, theme and outcome post the event. Engage with guests post event, ensuring the event still has a lasting impact.


Your registration process is critical. Ensure that a streamlined registration process is in place. Efficiency here is key because you do not want guests to be irritated before your event has even started.

Don’t forget the fizz: 

Time is precious and unless you are keeping people engaged and entertained you will lose them. This can result in people leaving early. Keep your event short, sweet and to the point. Pull off a memorable business cocktail event by getting formalities or speeches over and done with early on in the evening so that people can enjoy themselves

The last five minutes: 

Departing gifts are always well received by guests and leaves them with a memorabilia of the event. It’s the last memory they have when they leave the event so make sure the gift matters and is thoughtful.

Your business cocktail party can be as casual, as formal and as fun as you make it. When you have taken time to plan and think about how to give your guests the best time possible, your cocktail party is sure to be an extraordinary event for all.