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Venues in Focus: Zip Zap Circus.

12 Nov

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Venue Name:
Zip Zap Circus.

Founders Garden Jan Smuts Street Cape Town

Situated smack bang in Cape Town’s bustling city centre, Zip Zap Circus (or simply Zip Zap) presents itself in the form of a larger than life, permanent blow up tent. This venue promises to present an array of awe-inspiring shows that will keep your staff encapsulated from the outset and throughout.

What kind of event suits it best?

We would recommend utilising Zip Zap for either an entertaining cocktail party or a lavish sit-down dinner.

What do you love the most about this venue?

This venue is centrally located, unique and different. It comes standard with a list of amazing acts for you to choose from to incorporate into your evenings proceedings. Zip Zap’s event staff are easy to deal with and the venue includes a large stage and in-house technical add-ons.

What is your favourite event you’ve held here? Why?

We have not hosted an event at Zip Zap, but we are set to host 850 people for a year-end function on the 5th of December 2015. For us to host this many people we are going to create another tent outside the building.

How would you describe the venue to potential clients to sell it to them?

By hosting your event at Zip Zap Circus you are proactively supporting a worthy non-profit organisation; allowing this inspiring programme to continue. Zip Zap Circus is more than just a venue – it is a place where children are inspired to make their dreams a reality. Zip Zap provides these children with their own free space to learn and express themselves through circus art. It is a great CI initiative for your company to take part in.


R120 000 excluding VAT.


600 PAX, although this number can be raised by adding extra tents to the venue.

Dining/ seating style:

This dynamic black canvas venue accommodates all styles.


As a large and open-planned venue, Zip Zap works best when utilised as one large room.


Zip Zap itself doesn’t offer any in-house accommodation, but being situated in the centre of Cape Town it is conveniently surrounded by an array of hotels and bed and breakfasts.


Zip Zap has plenty of parking to offer guests, as well as overflow parking for the larger events.

Is the venue good for entertainment?

Zip Zap is built for this very purpose. The venue allows for three entertainment options to choose from, has a permanent stage, music and lighting facilities and an awesome atmosphere and unique setting.

Liquor license:

Each client must apply for their own licence.

Power facilities:

There are ample power facilities; enough to run large events.

Noise restrictions:

There is no noise restriction imposed on this venue – so be prepared for an all-night bash!

Are there any logistical complications?

We don’t believe that there are any logistical complications with Zip Zap, which indicates that their management knows exactly what they are doing.

Are there any difficulties with this venue?

No. Zip Zap is suited for winter and summer.

Does the venue allow open fire or gas inside or outside?

Zip Zap allows for the use of gas facilities inside and outside of the event, but no open flames are permitted inside as the venue’s material is flammable.

Bathroom facilities:

Zip Zap has two male and two female bathroom facilities.

What are the kitchens facilities like?

Zip Zap has no permanent kitchen facilities. It is recommended that a separate kitchen tent is built outside the venue.

Cleaning, Service, Security:

Zip Zap comes standard with two security guards and one medic. Your guests are in good hands.

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