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After months of hard work, preparation, running around, fun and stress, your event is finally over. The last guest has left the venue, and you can finally sit down and relax. Wrong! It’s time to gather feedback, evaluate what worked, measure your return on investment, and create excitement and improvement for the next event. We have put together 6 essential post-event pointers 

  1. Post- registration 

Attendance reports: Ensure that your registration process is slick and professional so that you are able to gather accurate attendance data that can be used to inform your client who attended and who did not.

  1. Send out your Thank You’s 

Acknowledge all the people who participated and contributed to the success of the event. This also keeps the spirit of the event alive. Send out personalised thank you mailers that are thought out and designed to be in line with the event theme and purpose.

Don’t forget to include your event partners/suppliers. This might seem like a dreary task, but this makes them feel appreciated.

  1. Reporting 

Send your client survey results: As Colourworks we have designed and built these surveys. Surveys are conducted on the night of the event. Questions are straight forward and asked with the intention of getting attendees to rate the overall event. This information is presented to the client and used to improve on future events.

Social Media reporting: if you have live tweeted or covered the social media for the event it is important to provide statistics. We recommend doing a three month over view which includes the following information:


  • Page likes
  • Most popular posts that received the most engagement – this gives your client an understanding of their target audience and the type of content they react best to.


  • Followers
  • A 28 day summary – Include statistics of social media activity that happened on the day/night of the event like new followers, engagement/interaction and if the event trended locally/nationally.
  • Three month summary of how many tweets were sent out, tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions, new followers and engagement.
  1. Breakages

Inform your client of any breakages.

2 options:

  • Include a breakage deposit upfront and include this in your cost estimate
  • Post event: The venue, décor or catering company will inform you of any breakages, include this cost in your recon.
  1. Recon fast (Within one week) 

So that your service is always quick and efficient.

  1. Debrief with the client 

Here, have an honest conversation with your client. Run through the entire event from start to finish. Chat about what worked and what didn’t. Use this as constructive criticism to improve on the next event.

Debrief your team

There are 2 aspects to a debrief:

  • Assess whether your event met the stated objectives.
  • Evaluate what worked and what you can improve on for the next event.

Document everything that was said and send this to your client as reference.

Use the debrief to celebrate achievements and look for areas of improvement and chat about what’s in the pipeline. It’s important to do this in such a way that your team is left feeling motivated. Mistakes happen and the best planners are the ones who learn from those mistakes and move on.

We have an extraordinary opportunity to create an impression and to engage long after the event is over. Your event is never really done; instead it is a springboard, learning curve and opportunity for the next.