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Events exist to offer consumers an experience that no classical form of marketing can – an inclusive encounter. But what happens once the event finishes? Do we just pack up our bags and go home? Do we just hope that we succeeded in offering them a memorable experience?

The answer quite simply is no. We need to find out from our attendees whether or not they believe the event was a success. Did we provide a memorable experience that will be spoken about long after it is all over?

But how do we go about doing this?

At Colourworks we utilise our very own unique survey system called EventWorks that helps us gather information from attendees in a quick and pain-free manner so that we do not disrupt their personal time post event. Surveys are conducted during dessert and as guests depart. We use our own events team and high class promotion girls to conduct these surveys. A cameraman film the process. We treat it more as an interview, maintaining the star treatment we provide our guests from start to finish. This allows us to get immediate feedback from guests on their overall event experience. We ask about speaker topics, speakers, theme, food, venue and other important questions the client requires. This feedback gives us information on how we can improve for future events.

How are these surveys beneficial to the client?

Event surveys help brands gather opinions and information around what potential and existing clients want to see at future events, and whether or not the money spent on the event was worthwhile for the company’s (ROI). They also help identify any improvements or upgrades for upcoming events and determine which topics of discussion to consider for the future.

The bottom line?

At the end of the day, event surveys essentially exist to gather the opinions of the attendees. They help the client gain fresh and honest opinions and answers from attendees, face-to-face on the evening itself. If surveys are sent after the event has finished, the memories of the evening are going to be far less fresh in their minds and you will have no control over whether or not they even reply at all. In our experience, most clients just delete the survey mail.

We believe information is power and we can leverage this information to create an even richer experience for future events, pinpoint the areas to improve upon, as well as offer fresh and focused ideas to implement in the future.