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Event Tech Taking Centre-Stage

01 Jun

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Old Mutual Corporate Event

Old Mutual Corporate event

Behind the scenes, event planners draw together multi-disciplinary teams of specialists who are charged with executing every facet of the event so that guests enjoy a flawless experience, and clients get a return on their event investment. Colourworks has forged long-standing relationships with partners who understand our Event Intelligence philosophy and have the top expertise to play their part in delivering a striking and memorable event, such as our tech partner, Kilowatt AV.

Event tech has transformed radically from the days when it meant setting up two speakers, a projector, screen and microphone. It’s no longer simply an enabling support function, but an essential means of delivering innovation and creativity all the way from the ‘wow’ factor through to getting across the key event communications. Chris Howard, Kilowatt AV’s Creative Director says, “We use innovation throughout each process of creating the bespoke solutions we offer our clients – from customised sets, registration systems, interactive content creation, state of the art gear technology and much more. Given the challenges of getting today’s ultra-busy people to attend an event, it’s of utmost importance to deliver a poignant and engaging show – something we strive to achieve no matter what the scale or budget of the event is.”

Given the way that tech innovation has changed the landscape of events, and will continue to do so, it is essential, from the events planner’s point of view, to have a tech provider who is keeping abreast global innovations and trends. “We spend a lot of resources investing in technical innovation,” says Chris, “And that’s not just limited to the level of highly skilled staff we employ, but actively making sure we are present at the forefront of technology advancements from around the globe. Michael Edwards, our Technical Director has just returned from Frankfurt where he attended the largest technical equipment expo in our industry. It’s imperative for us to do this, not only so we know what new possibilities exist for our clients, but so we can make sure our teams are trained ahead of time, and are the best they can be when it comes to bringing those new possibilities to life.”

It is this keeping of their finger on the pulse of the international event tech industry that has enabled Kilowatt AV to bring trailblazing tech to Colourworks’ events. Chris comments: “Colourworks really allows us to do what we do best, and that’s where the stars align for us on their shows.   Over the last 18 months, we have used a variety of revolutionary tech at their Old Mutual events. These include a multitude of projection mapped custom screens, such as the various cylindrical screens that stole the show at the ‘Excellence Awards’; the 25m x 4m floor to ceiling screen using a 3 projector blend we created to enhance and amplify the ‘Achievement Accolades’; as well as a scattered LED panel screen that saw us use 56 panels of Hi-Res LED to develop a visual effect like no other. We’ve used ground-breaking technologies such as Virtual Reality through the incredible Oculus Rift to give conference attendees a full 360-degree view of Cape Town as part of an activation to reinforce Old Mutual’s key conference message. We even went as far as to create an interactive game using custom invisible TV screens to engage with the attendees beyond the presentation.”

As with all aspects of modern life, it is technological innovation that drives change and brings fresh excitement and delight.   Virtual Reality has now made its debut at South African events and its infinite possibilities are being explored for brand experiences, activations as well as conference audience interaction. 4D experiences, bringing smell, touch, sound, and visual stimuli to life also presents a whole host of new ways to interact with audiences and is definitely something that those of us who are serious about delivering a flawless versus an ‘OK’ event will be considering for future events.