story telling pixar

22 Rules of Storytelling from Pixar

Every single marketer out there is a storyteller. It’s often overlooked and replaced by terms picked up in business school or seminars, but ultimately a marketer’s job is to tell the brands story. A brand’s narrative is what makes it unique; it engages emotion and most importantly consumers are more receptive to storytelling than they […] Continue reading
most innovative marketing campaigns

Most innovative marketing campaigns (part 1)

Traditional media and social media platforms are incredibly saturated. Potential customers have access to more information today than ever and all with the swipe of a finger. Within this overbearing marketplace of noise getting your message heard is less down to the actual value content than it is the delivery method. The old adage of […] Continue reading
choosing youtube

Choosing YouTube

Choosing YouTube as a communication channel. YouTube is owned by Google whose commercial interests lie in driving PPC revenue. However, it’s also the second most popular search engine in the world and therefore a great way to find your video online. As with SEO itself, there are several factors you can optimise that will determine where in the […] Continue reading
Top 5 ted talks

Top 5 all-time TED Talks

TED talks are short form videos from some of the most intelligent and engaging speakers on the planet. Originally they only covered the topics of Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED), but now a TED talk can cover virtually any topic that resonates with potential viewers. With well over a billion views, there is no doubt to the […] Continue reading