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Traditional media and social media platforms are incredibly saturated. Potential customers have access to more information today than ever and all with the swipe of a finger.

Within this overbearing marketplace of noise getting your message heard is less down to the actual value content than it is the delivery method. The old adage of thinking out the box is still vital in creating campaigns that can deliver your brand message through the clutter and grab peoples attention on the other side.

Colourworks takes a look at the most innovative campaigns that do just that.

Part 1.

KLM Surprise

In November 2010 the international airline KLM surprised its customers: As passengers arrived at security checkpoints and gates, flight attendants were there to greet them by name and give them a personalized gift — something that the passenger could use on his or her trip, or enjoy when they returned home.

Volvo Super Bowl Interception

While a well-known and respected brand globally, Volvo was suffering from low awareness in the U.S., one of its largest markets. Though it could not make the financial commitment of a television spot during the Super Bowl, it needed an idea that would allow it to be part of the discussion of the biggest advertising day of the year. They brought forward a campaign that hijacked their competitors’ ads, and used Twitter to show American consumers what really matters to Volvo.

The Squatty Potty Unicorn

Some products aren’t glamorous, thats just the way it is. But that didn’t stop Squatty Potty from creating an ingenious way to deliver their message. With over 28 million views in total and 22,000 shares in first few days, with zero media spend, they showed that the innovative delivery of a message is more powerful than the message itself.

Always: Like a girl

“Like a Girl” takes issue with generations of playground taunts about running, throwing or fighting “like a girl,” asking, “When did doing something ‘like a girl’ become an insult?” It went viral when it debuted in June 2014 and wound up getting a slot during halftime at the 2015 Super Bowl. The advert went on to claim an Emmy for best commercial and was a mammoth success on social media with more than 62 million views. Tying in social issues is a great way to get your message through the backdoor and into the light, as long as it is authentic and honest. 

Volvo: The epic split

Business to business (B2B) doesn’t often come to mind in a discussion about innovative marketing campaigns. Volvo Trucks took months planning this Jean Claude Van-Damme/Enya spot and it paid off tremendously. The campaign has generated over 1.3 million Facebook likes in a month, and over 84 million views on YouTube. That’s more likes than some top campaigns have views.