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When someone talks about something they love so much that you can see it boiling over, you can’t help but feel inspired, which is why building a company culture on passion will create an inspirational and positive community.

In business, success is measured in ROI, but looking after your team’s mental and emotional welfare will inspire teamwork and give added dedication to the company.

At Colourworks, we are passionate about our team and seeing individuals reach their full potential. One of the ways we develop our team is to help them discover their passions through the Passion Test.

The Passion Test, developed by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood, has inspired thousands of people, shaping their lives through discovering what matters the most to them. It’s a simple tool that helps identify your 5 top passions in life, giving you clarity on what matters the most to you, how to translate your passions into business success, how to overcome certain work challenges and a formula that will help unlock financial freedom.

Colourworks CEO Lesley Waterkeyn motivates why we take the Passion Test:
“The Passion Test gives our team clarity about their passions, which ultimately helps them make better decisions. Your team will also benefit with personal clarity, more focus and a vision for the future. It helps with setting goals.”
We asked Sandy van Dijk, the first Passion Test facilitator in South Africa, a few questions:

1.     Why is the passion test so effective?

The Passion Test is a simple system that anyone can learn. It gives you the tools to discover and align with your top 5 passions – those things that bring you the most joy and fulfilment in life.

2.     Why is it important for people to know their passions?

Once you have identified your top 5 Passions, it gives you self-directed tools to remove any false beliefs or ideas that may be holding you back from actualising and monetising the things you would most like to have in your life.

3.  What positive feedback have you received from teams who have done the passion test?

The people who have done the Passion Test have all remarked on the clarity it gives and that it forces one to choose what really means the most to you. People have also remarked on how revealing it has been and how much value they have gained from going through this process.

4.     Is it something recommended within a business setting? Why?

Janet (one of the authors of the book) talks about a study of the 100 most successful people in America. The study found that all of those most successful people had one thing in common: They were living their top 5 passions. It’s fun, revealing, easy and profound! Everyone who has done it with us so far has loved it.

5.     How did you become a facilitator? Tell me a bit about the journey. 

Lesley (Waterkeyn) and I went to San Francisco for a writing course. Our course was facilitated by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood who are the authors of the New York Times Bestseller, The Passion Test. We loved the course and I particularly enjoyed the idea of discovering one’s passions. Having been a teacher I felt that this was something I could bring to our Over the Rainbow business. The Passion Test helps entrepreneurs discover their purpose first and then embark to the business side of growing their enterprise.

Finding your passions can set your life on a new path, both personally and professionally. It’s revealing, remarkably honest and helps you discover more about yourself. For your business, it will create a more open culture, show the compassion in your leadership and that, at the end of the day, you value what your team is truly passionate about.