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We take a look at the hallmarks of an extraordinary production department.

The success of a campaign relies heavily on a well-run print production department. They’re the team responsible for turning the client’s vision and the business creative efforts into finished products.

At the heart of this process lies the print production manager. They must make sure that work is carried out smoothly, and must supervise procedures for making work more efficient.

A typically good production practice is to have a solid quality check process i.e. nothing must leave the department without it being checked. Always make check lists to ensure all products, quantities and items are there. We look at 6 tips on how to make your production room run smoothly. 

  1. The Quality Triangle

This diagram can help provide options to a client, prioritise tasks and inevitably maximise production quality. Only two of the three options below are possible, depending on the requirements of a given task:


  1. Neat workspace

A neat space is a functional space. If you are aware of where everything is, it saves time not having to search for things.

  1. The production line

Always create a production line for packing projects. This makes things faster and more efficient.

  1. Have a process

Having an excel spreadsheet to record all stock comings and goings make processes more structured and organised.

  1. Communication

Communication is key among all team members so that all job information is consolidated and there is a mutual understanding when executing a task.

  1. Delegate

Assign projects to team members based on their strengths. This way the team works to the best of their abilities without you asking too much of anyone.

Every print production department is unique, each with its own set of values, processes, and facilities. These tips will hopefully give you an insight into how to run a successful production department based on experiences within our own department. Whether for an event or activation, bringing an idea to life through production is a most rewarding aspect of the creative process.