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The success of your business depends on the quality of people on your team. The right team is critical for business growth.

New hires will have to commit to the company’s vision, values and why. Set up a recruitment process that will make sure the person fits. When employing someone, it’s important to look for the same values, passions and the strengths your company upholds.

What is important to your company? And are there creative ways to help select the best members of your team?

As an “action agency that gets results”, we love Spectrum Aeromed Entrepreneur, Dean Atchison’s advice: “Hire people that walk fast… they have a sense of urgency about life and a predisposition to taking action”.

At Colourworks, culture is very important for us. Here are 6 points we use to help find the right culture fit when we employ new people:

  1. Positioned for the win

Start with a detailed job description, defining the position and required skills. Also, define the type of personality that would best work in this position. For example, does the position require someone who is resilient and strong or someone empathetic? Would the position require out of the box thinking or more systematic thinking? Only interview candidates with the skills and experience you require, then look for personal characteristics in the interview. In addition to having a great CV, character and attitude are very important when building a company culture.

  1. Dig a little deeper

“One thing we look to avoid is hiring the “brilliant jerk” – a person who is bright, capable and unpleasant.” (Entrepreneur.com) Such a person can cause a lot of damage and end up costing the company. Ask questions that will help reveal more about who the person is. Here are two questions we ask that reveal more about who the person is: What was one thing your dad taught you? and Why is your best friend your best friend? 

These questions will show whether the person can be passionate, compassionate and admiring of others.

  1. The passion question

What are they passionate about? Is work just a means to an end or are they passionate about what they do? You can upskill but you can’t buy passion. To have a team that will go the extra mile, you need a passionate team. Listen to all their answers whether their passion for the job comes through.

  1. Let strengths be your guide 

Every new hire at Colourworks completes the Gallup’s StrengthsFinder test. This shows the candidate’s top 5 strengths out of a possible 34 strengths. Strengths are divided into 4 main categories: influence, strategic, execute, relationship. The key is to hire people who cover your weaknesses and position departments to cover one another’s weaknesses. People you really click with in an interview are usually a lot like you and tend to have the same weaknesses. Once you find out their strengths then you can make an objective decision and see whether they would work well within the specific department and whether they would fulfil their job description.

A leader would require strengths of influence and relationship, whereas a receptionist would require execution and relationship. StrengthsFinder has helped us to set up an extraordinary team.

  1. The why

What is their why? We ask our new team members to discover their why, using the Why Engine, by Ridgeley Goldsborough. Their helps you to connect with your team. We go a bit further, asking our team to rate their values and to find out what drives them. This helps with talent retention because it allows you to motivate your team with personal incentives suited to the individual. Some team members are motivated by a bonus income, while others would prefer a day with the family rather than a monetary reward.

  1. The coffee test

Once the candidate has made a great impression and identified the strengths required for the position, we have a coffee test, where the candidate goes for coffee with at least three other team members. The decision has to be unanimous and all of the team members would have to like the person before they are hired.

Finding the right person can take time, but it’s worth it. Team culture is what will ultimately help reach your business goals, and you should never ever compromise on that.