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How does a grain of sand in the desert stand out from all the rest? Memorable marketing can help.

The key to a successful marketing campaign isn’t necessarily the quality of your content. Sure, it has to be relevant, captivating and absolutely extraordinary. But all of this is redundant if your campaign isn’t memorable. It has to stand out from all the millions of other marketing campaigns. How do you achieve this? By creating experiences, connecting your brand with the audience.

To get longevity and ROI, your campaign needs to be unforgettable. Here are some more marketing campaigns that have made brands stick in the minds of the consumer.

1. Van Gogh BNB campaign

How close can you get to an artist by looking at their work? Perhaps you’ll pick up a nuance, a technique or maybe even relate to their subject matter on a personal level. But what if you could get closer? What if you could live a day in the life of a revolutionary artist? The Art Institute of Chicago celebrates Vincent Van Gogh’s life in an interactive and very memorable way.

2. Ok Go & Morton Salt – One Moment

Sometimes, your marketing campaign doesn’t have to include your product at all. Sometimes all it needs is a powerful way to convey a message. In this instance, Morton Salt combined with the extraordinary band OK GO! to show everyone the immense power of a single moment.

3.  I will what I want, Under Armour, USA 

Successful ballerina Misty Copeland showcases her supernatural dancing talent, while a little girl reads a rejection letter from Misty’s past. Under Armour promotes what sheer willpower can do, and takes defying the odds to an unforgettable level.

4. Always – Girl Emojis

Female confidence is at the core of the Always brand. The organisation utilises one of the most ubiquitous channels in modern day life to make girls feel more confident than ever.

5. Burger King | McWhopper Proposal

Some of the longest and intense wars are not fought between countries but rather, big corporations – like McDonalds and Burger King. In an epic peace offering, the two massive food chains decided to combine the Big Mac and the Whopper to form the “McWhopper”.