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We learn some of our greatest life lessons from our mothers. The lessons learned from our mothers can be applied to all areas of our lives. We look at the lessons we learned from our mothers and how these gems can help us to create extraordinary brand experiences.

1.     Reputation

“My mother taught me that I only have one reputation and that it’s important to protect and manage my reputation. I have always looked up to her and I trusted her guidance. So much so, I always went back for advice on the matter.” – Cara-Ann Potgieter, Marketing Manager.

Your brand represents who you are and your business’s reputation relies on it. You need to consider – What is your brand saying about you? Are you projecting the brand you want to? It’s worth analysing your content and marketing to make sure what other people say about you is aligned with your brand values and on brand message. Every interaction helps tell your brand story. Make your interactions count, and leave them wanting to come back for more.

2.     Nurture

“When I really think about the way my mom nurtured us growing up, I think about her food. Any problem could be solved with a good bowl of homemade soup, a scone just pulled out of the oven or even just a simple cup of tea made right. My mom is the best cook I know – and I’m proud to say that that I get my passion for cooking from her.” – Sarah Slater, Studio Manager.

Nurturing your consumer to become part of a community and continually engage with your brand, is key to gaining loyalty. Stop to nurture your audience. Think about ways you can make your client feel nurtured. It could be as simple as a handwritten note with a purchase or a coffee when they arrive in-store. Especially when a customer is unhappy, give them a nurturing experience and they will still walk away with a positive brand experience. In a world where we are bombarded with selection and choice, it’s important to form a lasting relationship with your clients or customers and nurturing clients are one of the key ways of achieving this.

3.     Connect

“As a kid, my mom would leave the wooden spoon on display to connect with me,” Saarah Malick, our Account Executive laughs. “But now she checks in on me daily via WhatsApp. She’s very tech savvy now.” 

When last did you stop to just connect with your consumer? Not to drive a sale or get anything back, just engage? Whether it’s in-store, a phone call or just a sincere reply to a Facebook comment – look for the opportunities where you can connect to your consumers. To get an extraordinary brand, it’s necessary to drive those interactions beyond a sale. 

4.     Schedule and prioritise

“When I think of my mom, I think of someone that anyone can truly rely on. Becoming a mom myself has taught me to value qualities in her that I would like to portray with my children. On tasks and work-related matters or even projects in school, she would always say: ‘Get it done then you know it’s out of the way’, and yip this is how I run all my jobs today, best task advice ever!”     Zena Jacobs, Production manager.

Running a household is no small feat and most mothers use lists or systems to get through the day’s activities, dietary requirements and making sure they get to everything they need to. If they didn’t have systems in place to manage the everyday chaos, mothers wouldn’t get to the most important part of the day – spending time with their child. As a brand or marketing manager, it’s important to prioritise and schedule engagement, so that you are open interpret insights and identify opportunities for spontaneous engagement. It’s these moments that drives valuable connections.

5.     Transparency

“My mom taught me to trust in my gut. If I suspect that something is just not right – maybe in the way someone is speaking to me, or in a job I have to do, I must always let people know exactly how I feel.” – Ameer Saban, Copywriter.

 Most parents teach us, to be honest. It’s one of the most valuable life lessons. You can apply this lesson across most areas in life and as a brand, it’s just as important. With more consumers increasingly looking for authentic brands, the importance of brand transparency becomes more important. Just be who you are and treat other people and companies the way you want to be treated as a brand – and stay true to that across all platforms.

6.     Inspire

“My mom is the only person in the world who will always love me, no matter what, even when the world turns against me, or when I’ve been naughty. My mom is my best friend. She taught me everything I know about being a gentleman and a lifelong scholar.” – Ryan McCarthy, Strategic Communications Manager.

Mothers always inspire and often it’s those inspiring words that we remember long after the engagement. As brands, inspiring content and campaigns leave a lasting impression. And just as we look up to those who inspire us, we admire the brands that inspire us. Dig a bit deeper and find the right connection to drive a truly inspiring brand.

There really is no one like a mother. For Mother’s Day, we would like to thank all of our mothers for teaching us valuable lessons!

Happy Mother’s Day, from Colourworks.