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7 Reasons why video should be part of your marketing strategy

Marketing is all about telling your brand story, and intriguing audiences to join the narrative. Companies spend millions of Rands to showcase their brand, its journey and to connect with your customers in captivating ways. One of the best ways to tell your brand’s story is through creating brand experiences.

As a specialist brand experience agency, we focus on the best media to help create an unforgettable, bespoke brand experience – an experience that allows the client or consumer to step into your brand’s narrative. One of the best ways to tell your brand story is combining sights and sounds through video.

We give you 7 reasons why video is one of the most powerful marketing tools.

1. Video Builds Trust

Trust is the foundation upon which sales are built, and putting a focus on trust will help you forge long-term relationships. Video will help you avoid all the sales jargon and white noise, and let you come across more sincerely when you provide your information. 

2. Interact with your entire audience

Put your video on social media and you’ll be able to speak to your consumers directly via social media comments, likes and shares. That way you’ll be able to gain quantitative and qualitative insight into your audience based on their responses to your video alone. “Live videos are a great way to broadcast webinars, workshops, behind the scenes, company culture, etc,” says Jason van Niekerk from RGB and Alpha.

Videos are a great way to engage with the audience at events, to get the message across or set the tone. Video also helps to connect with a wider audience outside of the event venue, giving longevity to your event.

3. Let the Video Explain

If you’re launching something new that people may not necessarily be familiar with, create a video to show how it works. 98% of users say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. 

 4. Increase your internet presence with SEO

Websites with videos living on their pages are 53 times more likely to rank on Google’s first page than any other websites, making videos extremely powerful when it comes to boosting your website’s SEO ranking. When video comes up in the search results people are more likely to click it, as they don’t want to trawl through reams of results.

5. YouTube is a Goldmine

More than 700 million unique users search YouTube monthly! To expose your business to more consumers and increase product interest, optimise your YouTube video.

6. Appeal to Emotion

When a consumer sees all text on your website it creates a feeling of being distant and detached. Adding video makes your website more intimate giving your present consumers, as well as prospective consumers, a connected feeling.

At an event or activation, video often helps to set the mood. Video connects to the viewer’s emotion, which gets them in a shared state of mind, which is optimal brand engagement.

7. People Avoid Reading

Many people do not like to read or just don’t want to stare at their computer screens for very long. Adding value with video will convey the message quickly and clearly. This will enhance your consumer’s experience and understanding of your offer.

 “With video, you are able to speak to masses of people – individually, at the same time. You’re able to speak to the person, not just the target consumer or target market, and leave them feeling understood and more importantly, feeling like your video was worth their time,” says Jason of RGB and Alpha.

Not yet convinced that video is imperative to making an impact in your marketing strategy? Just go on the internet and watch a few brand ads and videos. They’re sure to inspire, educate and entertain you as well as deliver their brand message.