67 Logos Designathon


I am a designer, pledging my services

Apply here before 15 June to dedicate your time and expertise to create a logo and help a small business live up to their full potential.

We know that many of you are yourselves small businesses and through our partnership with Over the Rainbow we are offering a number of free places on Over the Rainbow’s small business training programme. More details to follow.

How the selection process works

Apply below before 15 June and submit a few samples of your work.

On 21 June, a panel of judges will match designers to small businesses based on their profiles, passions and experience.

Selected designers will receive a brief a from their business and meet them in person on 27 June to discuss the brief further. From 27 June to 17 July designers will work with the businesses to create their designs and hand over their logo designs at an event on 18 July.

The final deliverables are a logo, mini visual identity (containing logo variants, fonts and colours) a business card and email signature.

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Apply as a designer

I am a designer, pledging my services.

I am ready to make a difference

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67 Logos Designathon


67 Logos Designathon

Small businesses