67 Logos Designathon


67 Logos Designathon

Brought to you by Colourworks in partnership with Over the Rainbow and Designers Ink

A logo is one of the primary ways in which a brand makes a first impression. And the best first impressions are unforgettable.

This year, as we celebrate Madiba’s centennial, we’re making Mandela Day all about South Africa’s small businesses and start-ups – a big driving force behind our country’s economic and social stability. For many of them, owning an expertly designed logo is an ever-elusive goal. You can change that.

We will select 67 high impact South African small businesses and start-ups who need a logo. For these businesses, a logo represents a breakthrough – it’s their chance to make a lasting first impression.

Even though the design process will take place beforehand (as we know a great logo takes time), on 18 July 2018, 67 designers will come together in Cape Town and Johannesburg for 67 minutes to hand over their 67 logos for 67 high impact businesses.

We know that many designers are themselves small businesses and through our partnership with Over the Rainbow we are offering a number of free places on Over the Rainbow’s small business training programme. Through the power of design, let’s make a difference that lasts a lifetime.

Can we count you in?

Deadline extension – Entries close 15 June 2018

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How it works

Step 1: Join us

Before 15 June - Designers pledge their time and expertise and 67 designers will be selected. At the same time, small businesses can apply for a logo and mini visual identity.

Step 2: Selection

21 June - We will match designers to businesses, based on their profiles, passions and experience.

Step 3: Meet your match

27 June  - Designers and businesses will meet-up at a pre-event get-together and briefing in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. This meeting will allow designers and businesses to get to know each other and to ask essential questions. Colourworks will provide a design guide to streamline the process and help get the best results.

Step 4: Select your logo look

27 June to 17 July - Designers will present two options to their client. One of those options will be selected and developed further. Regular check-ins throughout this process will ensure that both designers and clients are happy with the direction. Colourworks (in Woodstock, Cape Town) and Designers Ink (in Fourways, Gauteng) will make a meeting room available for anyone who needs it.

Step 5: Event day

18 July - Get ready for an event extraordinaire! Two events, one goal. Johannesburg and Cape Town will come together for a 67-minute ceremony to hand over 67 extraordinary logos.

67 Logos Designathon


67 Logos Designathon

Small businesses

67 Logos Designathon