Activations as brand experiences

Activations as brand experiences

A beautifully designed brand identity may grab attention and a well thought-out digital marketing campaign may draw accolades, but brands that offer real-life experiences are the ones that outlive the rest. Our personal qualities, our values, way of expressing ourselves, our image, all of these elements add up to determine our relationship with others. Similarly, […] Continue reading
powerful brand moments

Creating powerful brand moments

People are going to feel something about your brand, so why leave it to chance? Harness the power of moments by designing experiences that add up to something meaningful, shareable and irreplaceable. Generally, life can be extraordinarily unextraordinary. Errands, television, work and daily engagements blur together to make our everyday lives feel unremarkable. The standout […] Continue reading

Masters of the brand experience

Brands that add the extra to the ordinary through their brand experiences. Brand experiences matter. Our personal qualities – our way of speaking, image, values – determine our relationship with others and how they respond to us. This is the experience we offer the world. Likewise, how a consumer feels when interacting and engaging with a […] Continue reading
Colour of the year - ultra violet

Colour of the year: The influence of Ultra Violet

We look at the colour of the year and how PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet will influence events and marketing Complex, contemplative, provocative, and thoughtful. All words used to describe this year’s colour of the year – Ultra Violet PANTONE 18-3838. Each year we wait in anticipation for the reveal of the famous colour of the year […] Continue reading
extraordinary brand experiences

Making extraordinary brand experiences

What is a brand experience? Many of us think a brand experience begins and ends with aesthetics – a common misconception. We believe a successful brand experience includes a golden thread woven through all aspects of the brand, building a powerful connection through every touchpoint. “Brand experience is walking the walk and not just talking […] Continue reading