extraordinary brand experiences

Making extraordinary brand experiences

What is a brand experience? Many of us think a brand experience begins and ends with aesthetics – a common misconception. We believe a successful brand experience includes a golden thread woven through all aspects of the brand, building a powerful connection through every touchpoint. “Brand experience is walking the walk and not just talking […] Continue reading

Is your business future-proof?

We ask key questions concerning the future The topic of our inaugural Spectrum event was “The Future – Are you in it?” It positioned the discussion around concerns we all have about tomorrow’s world. Craig Wing, acclaimed futurist and business strategist, took us through many future scenarios, which made everyone in the room consider the […] Continue reading

10 Steps you need to know before writing a blog post

Writing a blog is the easiest and most accessible way to express one’s point on a prevalent subject, or market a service or product online. The hard part is getting people to read your blog post; if anyone with a basic internet connection can write a blog, why should people read your thoughts on a […] Continue reading