Make it matter

Make it matter: Why giving jobs a higher meaning makes for happier employees, better work, and more satisfied clients. What makes a company extraordinary is the ordinary with that little bit extra. The magical moment when an employee goes the extra mile makes all the difference to your clients and your company. But how do we […] Continue reading

Finding your people

The success of your business depends on the quality of people on your team. The right team is critical for business growth. New hires will have to commit to the company’s vision, values and why. Set up a recruitment process that will make sure the person fits. When employing someone, it’s important to look for the same […] Continue reading
How to keep your dream team

How to keep your dream team

5 Reasons your top talent will stay Every person has their own unique talents and strengths. Talent builds company performance once the individual is placed in a space where his talent can flourish. The challenge is not to keep your talented employees from quitting, it’s to create a culture where they would stay. People are […] Continue reading
lessons learned from chris bertish

5 Lessons learned from Chris Bertish

He made history. On 9 March 2017, Chris Bertish became the first man ever to complete a solo SUP trans-Atlantic crossing. Setting his mind and heart on it, he dreamt it, saw it, believed it… and achieved it after 4600 miles, 2 million strokes and 93 days alone in the ocean. It doesn’t get much more extraordinary than […] Continue reading
company culture passion

Build your company culture on passion

When someone talks about something they love so much that you can see it boiling over, you can’t help but feel inspired, which is why building a company culture on passion will create an inspirational and positive community. In business, success is measured in ROI, but looking after your team’s mental and emotional welfare will […] Continue reading