Intrepreneurship – Leading from within the business

Fostering a culture of intrepreneurship. How enterprising individuals can encourage company-wide innovation. Anyone can be an entrepreneur. It’s not an elite set of skills reserved for CEOs, sole proprietors and those with top management positions. Individuals within a company that have entrepreneurial qualities, such as being able to take initiative, cultivate ideas and drive the […] Continue reading

Brainstorming – the best way to find a big idea

5 reasons why brainstorming is extraordinary The Colourworks team have just received an exciting brief. The team assigned to the task want to maximise their idea generation, and they decide to ask a few more extraordinary minds to join them in their quest for a big idea. They set up a meeting to share thoughts […] Continue reading
48 Curate 03

48 Curate – Issue 3

48 Curate – Issue 03 In the third edition of 48 Curate, Colourworks Copywriter Ameer Saban shares some highlights from the world of creativity and design. This time, we focus on today’s innovations that are giving us a glimpse into tomorrow’s world. Technology / 8K viewing? Already?! The Dell UltraSharp UP3218K display is the first […] Continue reading
02 CW 10 modern ways to make your event extraordinary4

10 modern ways to make your event extraordinary

We share some great ways to take your next event to the next level. Our rapidly advancing world presents many great opportunities to ensure every event is extraordinary. Here are 10 of our favourite ways to make your event extraordinary. 1. Multisensory experiences Engage all five senses through a fully immersive experience that takes your […] Continue reading
9 powerful female campaigns

9 Powerful female campaigns

Women’s Day is a special day to recognise and celebrate the achievements of women. It’s a day where we showcase the courage and strength with which women have overcome tremendous obstacles, barriers and issues throughout history. We looked at 9 recent global marketing campaigns containing powerful messages about women, and how this messaging promotes and […] Continue reading

Is your business future-proof?

We ask key questions concerning the future The topic of our inaugural Spectrum event was “The Future – Are you in it?” It positioned the discussion around concerns we all have about tomorrow’s world. Craig Wing, acclaimed futurist and business strategist, took us through many future scenarios, which made everyone in the room consider the […] Continue reading
Top 5 ted talks

Top 5 all-time TED Talks

TED talks are short form videos from some of the most intelligent and engaging speakers on the planet. Originally they only covered the topics of Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED), but now a TED talk can cover virtually any topic that resonates with potential viewers. With well over a billion views, there is no doubt to the […] Continue reading