Activations as brand experiences

Activations as brand experiences

A beautifully designed brand identity may grab attention and a well thought-out digital marketing campaign may draw accolades, but brands that offer real-life experiences are the ones that outlive the rest. Our personal qualities, our values, way of expressing ourselves, our image, all of these elements add up to determine our relationship with others. Similarly, […] Continue reading

48 Curate – Issue 6

48 Curate – Issue 06 Welcome to the sixth issue of 48 Curate, curated by Colourworks Art Director, Francois Schlebusch. February 2018 marks the 100-year anniversary of the first time women were granted the right to vote in the UK. We dedicate this issue in celebration of women, with the spotlight on women in design. Campaign […] Continue reading

Masters of the brand experience

Brands that add the extra to the ordinary through their brand experiences. Brand experiences matter. Our personal qualities – our way of speaking, image, values – determine our relationship with others and how they respond to us. This is the experience we offer the world. Likewise, how a consumer feels when interacting and engaging with a […] Continue reading
extraordinary brand experiences

Making extraordinary brand experiences

What is a brand experience? Many of us think a brand experience begins and ends with aesthetics – a common misconception. We believe a successful brand experience includes a golden thread woven through all aspects of the brand, building a powerful connection through every touchpoint. “Brand experience is walking the walk and not just talking […] Continue reading
Innovation insight: Future of retail

Innovation insight: Shopping of the future

In this edition of Innovation insight, our Marketing Manager, Cara-Ann Potgieter, takes a look at Tommy Hilfiger’s digital showroom to highlight innovation within retail and how merging physical and digital shopping experiences create an opportunity for growth and increased customer engagement. When it comes to retail, the future is now: digital car showrooms, simulated test […] Continue reading
How do others see your brand?

How do others see your brand?

The importance of a brand assessment and a few ways you can conduct one. Your brand exists in the mind of your customers and they ultimately determine how your brand is perceived. Therefore, you should keep interacting with your market and industry to assess what you can do to keep your brand ahead. Why brand […] Continue reading
9 powerful female campaigns

9 Powerful female campaigns

Women’s Day is a special day to recognise and celebrate the achievements of women. It’s a day where we showcase the courage and strength with which women have overcome tremendous obstacles, barriers and issues throughout history. We looked at 9 recent global marketing campaigns containing powerful messages about women, and how this messaging promotes and […] Continue reading