why video is a great marketing investment

Why you need video

7 Reasons why video should be part of your marketing strategy Marketing is all about telling your brand story, and intriguing audiences to join the narrative. Companies spend millions of Rands to showcase their brand, its journey and to connect with your customers in captivating ways. One of the best ways to tell your brand’s […] Continue reading

Finding your people

The success of your business depends on the quality of people on your team. The right team is critical for business growth. New hires will have to commit to the company’s vision, values and why. Set up a recruitment process that will make sure the person fits. When employing someone, it’s important to look for the same […] Continue reading
How to keep your dream team

How to keep your dream team

5 Reasons your top talent will stay Every person has their own unique talents and strengths. Talent builds company performance once the individual is placed in a space where his talent can flourish. The challenge is not to keep your talented employees from quitting, it’s to create a culture that they love so much, they […] Continue reading
Most innovative marketing campaigns

The most innovative marketing campaigns (part 2)

How does a grain of sand in the desert stand out from all the rest? Memorable marketing can help. The key to a successful marketing campaign isn’t necessarily the quality of your content. Sure, it has to be relevant, captivating and absolutely extraordinary. But all of this is redundant if your campaign isn’t memorable. It […] Continue reading
the power of brand authenticity

The power of brand authenticity

In the modern marketplace, the meaning of your brand lies in the mind of the customer. Sure, customers will always consider price, quality, and convenience when making purchasing decisions. But now they also take into account what a brand stands for before they decide to buy. Therefore, in order to build a sustainable and marketable […] Continue reading
print production tips

Production tips to bring out the best in your business

We take a look at the hallmarks of an extraordinary production department. The success of a campaign relies heavily on a well-run print production department. They’re the team responsible for turning the client’s vision and the business creative efforts into finished products. At the heart of this process lies the print production manager. They must […] Continue reading

New thinking requires a robust internal communications strategy

7 ways you can strengthen your internal communications in a modern world. Your business markets itself by communicating with the outside world. However, an often overlooked way of boosting your business performance and culture is by implementing a solid internal communications strategy. The goal of creating a strong organisation, with a unified workforce, engaged in a common […] Continue reading
ultimate marketing investment is events

Why the ultimate marketing investment is in extraordinary experiences

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou Marketing sets out to do one thing: to tell your brand story. We tell this story through various channels but in a world where our audience are constantly […] Continue reading
story telling pixar

22 Rules of Storytelling from Pixar

Every single marketer out there is a storyteller. It is often overlooked and replaced by fancy terms picked up in business school or seminars, but ultimately a marketers job is tell the brands story. A brands narrative is what makes it unique, it engages emotion and most importantly consumers are more receptive to storytelling than […] Continue reading