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After recently being shortlisted for a New Generation Corporate Award, the Colourworks team are immensely excited to announce their Bronze victory in the Most Innovat­ive Gamification Campaign category.

“We are very proud to receive this award tonight, on behalf of Colourworks. It was a really meaningful project that required great team work”, said Farah Moosa, the Colourworks representative at the ceremony.

The activation that gave Colourworks recognition in the category was The Sanlam Wealthsmiths™ Quest – a game created for Sanlam which enabled graduates and students to discover their inner Wealthsmith™. The ultimate aim was to encourage each of them to apply for one of the Sanlam Graduate Programmes.

Colourworks developed a set of multiple choice questions turning the aspiration of becoming a Sanlam Wealthsmith™ into a challenge. A correct answer in each of the multiple choice questions allowed the player to continue to the next level.

“This was a project that showed real team work and I am immensely proud of all involved”, said Colourworks CEO and Owner, Lesley Waterkeyn.  

The award speaks volumes about the hours of hard work put in by the Colourworks team. The agency is also grateful to Sanlam for the opportunity to create an extraordinary, award-winning campaign.