Year-end function


Every year, our challenge is to wow the diverse group of Maitland employees with new and exciting themes that will give their team the opportunity to dress up, let their hair down and celebrate the year that has past. 2016 was their 40th birthday and we needed to implement their overarching theme of “It’s not just another” into their annual year-end function.

Big Idea

2016 was not just another year of business, it was a year of celebration of 40 years of success. In the past 40 years, the way we do business has changed dramatically and technology has been one of the main influences. So, for their 2016 year end celebration, we asked the question: where will we be in the next 40 years, in 2056?

The dreams of today are the realities of tomorrow and the best way to predict your future is to create it. It’s not just another year end, the future starts now!

Welcome to AREA41.


Area 41 was designed as a futuristic event for Maitland that allowed guests the chance to step into another dimension. The journey that followed was truly mind-blowing.

Guests entered through a smokey, UV-lit black tunnel as scientists handed them space hydration packs, syringe-injected food and alien vermicelli prawns in cocoons.

Body-painted aliens served popping moon rocks and alcoholic jelly shots. Glowing circular furniture, trussing structures and geometric hanging displays surrounded everyone in the room.

Roaming LED space hostesses invited guests to take selfies and an interactive video booth, allowing guests to interact with their fellow futurists.

The resident LED robot drummer kept everyone in rhythm and our very own seven-foot tall, laser-fingertipped Kryobot blasted his CO2 Cannon over the dancefloor.


We received great feedback from our client. Everyone had fun and, as always, they are excited to see what we are going to come up with for 2017.

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