Wealthsmiths Quest


Sanlam challenged Colourworks to create an activation that tied together the true qualities of a Wealthsmith™ with facts about the Sanlam brand. The concept needed to appeal to students and graduates, encouraging them to apply for one of the Sanlam Graduate Programmes.

Big idea

Colourworks created an arcade-style game called “The Sanlam Wealthsmiths™ Quest” to be used at career fairs. The game incorporated multiple choice questions about what it means to be a Wealthsmith™, teaching graduates and students about the Sanlam brand.


In collaboration with Brand Foundry, we designed, programmed and custom built the activation. Students and graduates were asked a series of questions during the game and had to answer correctly to progress. Upon completing the challenge, students were awarded prize jellybeans.


Sanlam successfully engaged with students and graduates at each event with amazing results. Colourworks has taken home bronze at the New Generation Social and Digital Media Awards for the Most Innovative Gameification Campaign for The Sanlam Wealthsmiths™ Quest.

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