extraordinary brand experiences

Making extraordinary brand experiences

What is a brand experience? Many of us think a brand experience begins and ends with aesthetics – a common misconception. We believe a successful brand experience includes a golden thread woven through all aspects of the brand, building a powerful connection through every touchpoint. “Brand experience is walking the walk and not just talking […] Continue reading
How do others see your brand?

How do others see your brand?

The importance of a brand assessment and a few ways you can conduct one. Your brand exists in the mind of your customers and they ultimately determine how your brand is perceived. Therefore, you should keep interacting with your market and industry to assess what you can do to keep your brand ahead. Why brand […] Continue reading
soul food

Soulmate for soul food

A group of dynamic young ladies from Langa High School conceptualised and started a company called Soulmate. In a Highschool Entrepreneurial Society challenge, these ladies were tasked to solve a problem. After critically evaluating various solutions, Soulmate was their solution to a lack of catering equipment for funerals in their community. Soulmate brings catering equipment to […] Continue reading
the power of brand authenticity

The power of brand authenticity

In the modern marketplace, the meaning of your brand lies in the mind of the customer. Sure, customers will always consider price, quality and convenience when making purchasing decisions. But now they also take into account what a brand stands for before they decide to buy. Therefore, in order to build a sustainable and marketable […] Continue reading