Innovation insight: Rent the Runway

Innovation Insight is a new feature on the Colourworks Insights page. In these articles, we look at global businesses, products and ways that innovation makes a difference in their industries and helps shape the future. In this edition, our Marketing Manager, Cara-Ann Potgieter, gives insight into how Rent the Runway brought haute couture to the […] Continue reading

Is your business future-proof?

We ask key questions concerning the future The topic of our inaugural Spectrum event was “The Future – Are you in it?” It positioned the discussion around concerns we all have about tomorrow’s world. Craig Wing, acclaimed futurist and business strategist, took us through many future scenarios, which made everyone in the room consider the […] Continue reading

4 tips to pull off a memorable business cocktail event

Whether courting new investors, wooing potential clients, or raising funds for a local charity, nothing gets results like an elegant evening of cocktails and good company. A well-organised business cocktail party gives your guests the chance to mingle with like-minded individuals and talk business, all whilst enjoying an afternoon or evening of delicious drinks and […] Continue reading