48 curate - issue 5

48 Curate – Issue 5

In the fifth edition of 48 Curate, Colourworks designer Adele Wallace explores cutting-edge, recyclable and eco-friendly products that support and promote sustainability. Advertising/ WWF Just* packaging “Packaging designed to eliminate packaging” This clever packaging and product are stripped bare and gets straight to the point. Just* packaging uses only 100% natural and biodegradable paper cartons […] Continue reading
Innovation insight: Future of retail

Innovation insight: Shopping of the future

In this edition of Innovation insight, our Marketing Manager, Cara-Ann Potgieter, takes a look at Tommy Hilfiger’s digital showroom to highlight innovation within retail and how merging physical and digital shopping experiences create an opportunity for growth and increased customer engagement. When it comes to retail, the future is now: digital car showrooms, simulated test […] Continue reading

Intrepreneurship – Leading from within the business

Fostering a culture of intrepreneurship. How enterprising individuals can encourage company-wide innovation. Anyone can be an entrepreneur. It’s not an elite set of skills reserved for CEOs, sole proprietors and those with top management positions. Individuals within a company that have entrepreneurial qualities, such as being able to take initiative, cultivate ideas and drive the […] Continue reading
48 Curate 03

48 Curate – Issue 3

48 Curate – Issue 03 In the third edition of 48 Curate, Colourworks Copywriter Ameer Saban shares some highlights from the world of creativity and design. This time, we focus on today’s innovations that are giving us a glimpse into tomorrow’s world. Technology / 8K viewing? Already?! The Dell UltraSharp UP3218K display is the first […] Continue reading
02 CW 10 modern ways to make your event extraordinary4

10 modern ways to make your event extraordinary

We share some great ways to take your next event to the next level. Our rapidly advancing world presents many great opportunities to ensure every event is extraordinary. Here are 10 of our favourite ways to make your event extraordinary. 1. Multisensory experiences Engage all five senses through a fully immersive experience that takes your […] Continue reading

Innovation insight: Rent the Runway

Innovation Insight is a new feature on the Colourworks Insights page. In these articles, we look at global businesses, products and ways that innovation makes a difference in their industries and helps shape the future. In this edition, our Marketing Manager, Cara-Ann Potgieter, gives insight into how Rent the Runway brought haute couture to the […] Continue reading
Most innovative marketing campaigns

The most innovative marketing campaigns (part 2)

How does a grain of sand in the desert stand out from all the rest? Memorable marketing can help. The key to a successful marketing campaign isn’t necessarily the quality of your content. Sure, it has to be relevant, captivating and absolutely extraordinary. But all of this is redundant if your campaign isn’t memorable. It […] Continue reading
most innovative marketing campaigns

Most innovative marketing campaigns (part 1)

Traditional media and social media platforms are incredibly saturated. Potential customers have access to more information today than ever and all with the swipe of a finger. Within this overbearing marketplace of noise getting your message heard is less down to the actual value content than it is the delivery method. The old adage of […] Continue reading